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So many books, so little time...wouldn't have it any other way.

This would be a great new tattoo. Knowledge is the key Art Print by Marine Loup

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"Platform nine and three quarters? But Hagrid, there must be a mistake, this says platform nine and three quarters, there's no such thing is there?I love it!

reading is a trip

James Gurney shared this poster he did for New York is Book Country with Blown Covers. I can't find it on his sites, alas. Man, I want a flying book.

My sitters cooler than yours. LV area need a babysitter? Girls tryna get a #mothafuckinscholarshiiiiiip! @kaitlynthemae #books n #trees n shit.#blackworkerssubmission

The black and white Tree growing from Books. This tree growing from within the stack of books is another amazing worth trying book tattoo design for all the tattoo lovers out there.

Untitled by Sicca #Illustration #Books

A selection of lovely illustrations by Yoko Tanji from Tokyo, Japan. Obviously, the illustrator loves cats.

I libri nutrono il cervello.

I love this picture.this is how books feed your brain! I think the brain should actually be a heart, though, because we all know they feed both!

I thought this images were cool.

Tree of Life ~ tattoo idea: blend the ends in the colors of your family line. Scottish and Irish are orange and green. just wondering if anyone else sees a DNA strand/double helix here as well?


Wall decal - silhouette of a girls reading with characters streaming from the book

Sometimes this is what i need

Getting lost in a gorgeous autumn fairy tale. - fall time reading is the best

Books are filled with places to visit and people to meet. Via Facebook's The Book Connection page

Artist: Paulo Galindro (Two people's book stacks forming a heart)

A leer y soñar...

Home sweet home.just open the door and cross the threshold.