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Le cabinet de curiosités du Prof. ZONGOH

Le cabinet de curiosités du Prof. ZONGOH

My own private collection of vintage illustrations, ads, ABC books, postcards from india, arabs countries and europe.

Vintage Advertising

cacao chocolat J Klaus by martichat

This is a Kitchen Assemblage made of found objects and vintage illustrations. The assemblage is contained in a vintage wooden drawer or type tray

Found Object Assemblage Art - Vintage Kitchen

This is a Kitchen Assemblage made of found objects and vintage illustrations in a printer's tray.

Three-color illustrated ad for Jolly Skater snowman Christmas decoration.

A charming three colour illustrated vintage ad for a "Jolly Skater" snowman Christmas decoration.


It's Sparkle Time! Vintage illustrated ad for salt.

Twinings- not tobacco but I prefer to drink tea especially an Earl Gray or English (or Irish) Breakfast Blend tea when I am having a pipe.  I prefer this to even fine bourbon, scotch, or rum (and tea is also more economical). -S.Lanyon

Drink Twining's Poster via Colin Towler

phasesphrasesphotos:    PHILIPS UN TELEVISEUR  Roland Ansieau  1956

"Philips" Poster by Roland Ansieau

A lovely 1950s illustrated typewriter ad. Brought to you by Shoplet.com - everything for your business.

illustrated typewriter ad by Swedish illustrator Gerd Miller

All aboard for a milk shake

It may be reviving and refreshing, but does her milkshake bring all the boys to the yard?

1957 Smokey The Bear vintage illustration Book Mark : this bookmark was before my time....but I still remember him!

1957 Smokey The Bear vintage illustration Book Mark. "Only YOU can prevent forest fires!

Vintage ad

art nouveau kitsch advertising vintage label art illustration make great kitchen wall art Eiffel Tower Lemonade

Even Croquet Can Be OK 1952

Another Barbasol pin-up.

1940s Oreo Cookie Ad, Advertisement. Wartime Illustration.

Oh-oh Oreo! The world's favourite snack celebrates 100th birthday as it is ranked best-selling cookie of 21st Century

Vintage Oreo cookies Ad-granny liked oreos and put them out on her candy…

Pinner says: Matching pink gloves and hat plus Toblerone, how could I not love this great 1950s ad?

Vintage Toblerone ad ~j

1958 Chanel vintage advertisement

Vintage poster: perfume Chanel No. 5 ad from / Ancienne affiche publicitaire parfum

Old school advertising styles are very interesting indeed.

Funny pictures about Old school advertisement. Oh, and cool pics about Old school advertisement. Also, Old school advertisement photos.