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Love the placement! - 66 Simple Female Wrist Tattoos for Girls

Life's roughest seas prove the strength of our anchors!

Lifes roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors. Not a huge fan of the whole quote being tattooed, kind of big. but I love anchors and the quote is perfect.


So want this instead of going full ink tattoo im going to get henna tattooed just in case (: pretty but maybe not on my finger

Hope (font) for Ali

Hope Tattoo i really want, a replacement of my bracelet x

Im not a huge tattoo person by any means, but if I were ever to get one, it would be a word in white ink, like this one, something meaningful. Possibly hope.

Hope In White Ink. I like the white ink idea. Maybe i will use for my foot tattoo

Wrist is one of best places to tattoo, especial small and simple tattoo designs are most popular for Girls and Women, enjoy these funny and cute wrist tattoos

A heart, lifeline, and the word faith

Heartbeat Faith Tattoo Designs Love life faith tattoo with

Wrist Hope Tattoo

10 Best Hope Tattoo Designs

Hope tattoo - but without the period at the end

Fall before you fly

You cant fly unless you let yourself fall

idea for sisters tattoo!!

infinity and beyond is how long your sisters will be there for you. Would love to get a tiny matching tattoo with my sister.

Love Tattoos by Janny Dangerous

If I were to ever get a tattoo I like this, but change it to Lydia using the L and heart shape. I've never thought about a tattoo before!

I want this but I think I want to incorporate a Jesus fish in it as well.. or a cross... or a dove

This is a cool tattoo infinity symbol on wrist with life written into it

Love the finger idea!

"Endless love" other PINNER said : I would put this on my belly over my stretch marks Y? Because my kids are an "endless love". Liked the idea

If I would get any tattoo in the world, I think I have finally found what I think I could live with for the rest of my life! This is so cute.

Tattoo: Let it Be. Location: Rib Cage Under Arm. Meaning: The Beatles - Let it Be. The Beatles - Attribution to my Father "Stephen Withr.

Decided I'm gonna get this with the 3 kids first and middle names, and do a double tattoo so their birthdays will be on the inside heart. Now to pick a place.

Strength dream hope love family believe-- heart tattoo

Poem and flying birds - let it be in shape of treble clef

"The earth has music for those who listen." quote tattoo with silhouette birds