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The VW Aqua can also run over ice and snow.Volkswagen Aqua Curvy Hovercraft Designed by Yuhan Zhang.

Возможно, лет через 30 наш отпуск будет выглядеть вот так

the sustainable future of flight – futuristic air cruiseship – imagined by Dassault Systèmes. – worlds longest aircraft combines parts from airships, planes and helicopters.

Big Car for Chinatown  The Taihoo 2046 Concept Car is intended for the 18-35 year old young couples in China, apparently the big spenders and lovers of all things flashy! Taihoo`s styling is inspired by the Taihu Stone, which is also a porous stone

The Audi R8 V10 Plus

Haha, would love to see this in action on the road. FROM davidbraun1957-I THINK THIS CAN STILL BE SEEN EVERY YEAR AT THE HOUSTON ART CAR PARADE.

Top 20 Weirdest Cars Ever Made

Volkswagen Aqua, heck yes I'll take on of these too, got to be versatile.

The Volkswagen Aqua Hovercraft Concept The Volkswagen Aqua concept is designed by a Chinese designer Yuhan Zhang. It is an all-terrain hovercraft that has more than one engine.

Honda Air

Want to see a FLYING CAR? Honda Air is a new concept vehicle designed by Honda’s design studio in Pasadena, California. The concept was created for the 1000 pound car design challenge put on by the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Hyundai NEOS-II Concept (2003)

Presents a front left photograph of a dynamic black Hyundai Neos II Concept car.


The Audi Calamaro Concept Car was developed by a designer Tibor for a design competition, organized by Porsche Hungary. This futuristic flying concept car looks like a cross between a speed boat and a plane. According to the designer, the shape is

P I N T E R E S T @melodye10✨ http://www.pinterest.com/melodye10/

The Hyanide is a hybrid motorcycle / tank tread vehicle that can basically take you anywhere you want to go, from snow to sand to mud with ease and at speeds of up to mph!

McLaren P1 Concept 1920 x 1080 wallpaper

McLaren the lightweight and powerful sportscar will be on display at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. McLaren Automotive has also revealed that they will began sales of from next year. The McLaren is a successor to the legendary It is a supe

LA Design Challenge (2011): Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow Concept

Mercedes Silver Arrow Concept Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow concept, this concept car is inspired by racing, its lines are very beautiful, v.

Proxima Two Seater Hybrid Vehicle Proxima will definitely be the answer for the growing rate of motorcycle incidents.

Being a fan of cool cars and bikes, you'll understand how the Proxima concept bike car excited me. I love the thrill of riding a motorbike b.

This is Audi concept from the reputed Spanish designer Daniel Garcia who has Ducati 6098 R concept and may other to his credit. The awesome concept will