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fastcompany:  Ikea Just Bought Some Awesome, Bendy Lighting Tech

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Light Tile is a grid of LEDs embedded in resin, forming an LED blanket that's less than 1 millimeter thick



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modern, minimal, clean lines - rose gold?

less is more.

less is more.

Salomon Womens EXO IV 34 Tight Black XSmall >>> Check out this great product.(This is an Amazon affiliate link and I receive a commission for the sales)

Salomon Womens EXO IV 34 Tight Black XSmall *** For more information, visit image link.


Plicate goes beyond convention to delight consumers at every stage, from a compelling first impression to inviting haptic sensations. Our partners work with us because we know how to …

love the porcelain lighting pads, I want some

porcelain lighting pads diy with metal squares?

As tall as classy as simple as high. By the way the Haigō newsletter is here - Check the link in bio! #lamp by Jourdan Hammond

Portable fixtures: floor These are three floor lamps that provide artificial lighting for a room and is able to turn up brightness etc I love these and I don't know what I would change .

Sustainable Dance Floor uses piezoelectric transducers to convert dancing into electricty, then powers LED "inifinity" boxes for disco effect. Groovy!

SUSTAINABLE DANCE FLOOR is the interactive dance floor which generates electricity through the act of dancing. Studio Roosegaarde created the design and interaction of the first Sustainable Dance Floor. We believe sustainability is about doing mor

Wake-up light are a great way to deal with the winter blues and wake up feeling calm and ready to face the day. Instead of waking with a sudden jolt from a normal alarm, wake up slowly with a sunrise simulator right there in your bedroom.

Tech Accessories You Need for Your Dorm Room via Brit + Co.Wake up light.simulates sun lite and morning sounds.


Magic PEN - Drawing - Modeling Printing- Pen Art - Scribbler - How.


Kiclos 2 is an exclusive design modular radiator made of aluminium and composed of 25 mm long vertical elements for single or combined use, available in a choice of 46 stylish finishes and 24 sizes.

via drivesdesign

Designed by Tokyo-based Torafu Architects, RIFMO is a minimalist stool and bench that explores the textures and malleability of RIFMO’s recycled tex.

These don't match my design scheme, but they are wonderful.  They remind me of the cupcakes my mom made for my 12th birthday :)


Mezzo tumblers from LSA in purple ombre

Radiant 3M Film

Radiant 3M Film

marina's bird

What an adorable idea in lighting. Marinas Bird Lamp by Oadone come in many styles from ceiling to tabletop lamps. Available in a wide range of materials from wood to glass, these little chirpy cuties are sure to enhance any design style.