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So you think you know the Simpsons? The Simpsons Family History unravels 25 years of Simpsons facts and fun and presents them in a never-before-seen chronological format. Travel through time with Matt Groening as he pulls back the cur

Coby Whitmore  (American: 1913 - 1988) - Pepsi

Reading map while drinking Pepsi. Advertising artwork for Pepsi Illustration by Coby Whitmore. In the early Pepsi switched its print ad focus from one using black and white cartoons to.

Bugs Vs Homer

Mashup of the day – Homer Simpson VS. Bugs Bunny (+ Batman, DBZ, Bob l’éponge, etc.psh i love the simpsons but bugs bunny will kick his ass!

" Frases ... " - Parte 2- Respeto...

Mighty Mouse was first drawn wearing a blue costume with red trunks and cape, similar to Superman. Later, this was changed to a yellow costume with red trunks and cape. His superpowers included flight, super strength,  invulnerability, X-ray vision and psychokinesis. He was also able to turn back time in The Johnstown Flood and Krakatoa. Mighty Mouse featured two recurring female leads, Pearl Pure-heart and Mitzi. His recurring arch-enemy is an evil villain cat named Oil Can Harry.

Mighty Mouse I always hated this show! I remembered it used to be on really late so I never liked it, one night my dad and uncles were painting the sitting room and I was watching this

Under Dog and Polly Purebred Cartoon | Patrick Owsley Cartoon Art and More!

"There's no need to fear, Underdog is here! For it's hip-hip-hip and AWAY I GO!" No longer the simple Shoeshine Boy, Underdog carries Sweet Polly Purebred away from the clutches of Simon Bar Sinister and Riff Raff.