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spellbound: anniek kortleve, hanne gaby odiele, meghan collison, rachel trachtenburg, mae lapres and peyton knight by steven meisel for w september 2012

Protector of the Shawdowlands

in the darkness, the light shines from within. hooded caped figure fog in forest, black white photography

1OxSqrG9aqA.jpg (500×750)

Arianrhod (Celtic) is said to be able to shape shift into a large Owl, and through the great Owl eyes, sees even into the darkness of the human subconscious and soul. The Owl symbolizes death and.

♕ Crown Couture ♕ Samhain. apple tree crown - image: Anna Morozova

Woman with tree branch type headdress - fairytale fantasy ~ Anna Morozova ~ Photography

Творческая фантазия Фотографии в виде сказок

Russia-based photographer Margarita Kareva is a photographer who marks her superb talent in photography through magical and fantasy art. With so much passion, Margarita captures dream-like and magical fairy tale photos with