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XD <-- remus ever so subtly stealing sirius' wand because his is in sirius' hair, and sirius not being able to find his wand all day and never once realizing remus has it. sirius and remus sharing their wands. I ACCEPT

I don't ship Wolfstar but I can definitely see Remus doing Sirius' hair. Also lets all just take a minute to picture Sirius' hair in a fancy braid. And Lily. Imagine Lily teaching Remus using Sirius's hair.

Ron Weasley is not the comic relief. See "that one time fourteen year old Ron Weasley stood on his broken leg to tell a convicted murderer he would go down fighting for his best friend's life".

We are not your leftovers<< I love this! I have so many hufflepuff friends who need to see this!

I wasn't sorted into hufflepuff on pottermore, but I thoroughly agree with this argument. <<i was almost sorted into hufflepuff but i answered some questions wrong and got into ravenclaw instead.

The Marauders and Muggle Shopping - Part 1

The Marauders and Muggle Shopping - Part <---Snape covered in Silly String and looking disgruntled just became my Awesome Mental Image Of The Day.

the marauders - sirius black<< Love this. I so wish Regulus and Sirius had a chance to be brothers to each other instead of constantly having a rift between them.

the marauders part 3

Hey, what's that there on the ground? Oh, that's just my heart, shattered in a thousand pieces.