Zawieruszynski's "Apolonia"

Apolonia, by Henry & Zofia Zawieruszynski - 2011 DOTY Award in the category of Artist Doll, Less Than dollars

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"Of course my pet's also dangerous to you.  The question is, which of us will get you first?"

2008 Winner Dolls Awards of Excellence ~ Representations of Children

KW 012                                                       …

KW 012 …

Ivy  Maggie has designed Ivy in an all felt outfit representing the most genteel of little girls.

Felt doll by Maggie Iacono. Link to site with other dolls this size and ideas for felt clothes suitable for KnC

Hildegard Gunzel's "Gerda" doll

Hildegard Gunzel's "Gerda" doll/such a master at her creations i only have 1 of her dolls