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Purple Ice Cream

Keep seeing this pinned as as "earl grey" ice cream - its not. It's actually black sesame ice cream, yummy!


Find Green Tea Soft-Serve Ice Cream in Chicago area.

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I love soft serve ice cream! this looks so yummy! Hokkaido's Soft-Serve Ice Cream (From top: Ice Soda, Strawberry, Melon, Milk and Lavender) - Summer Flavors in Japan

Say hello to spring with buttercream flower cakes. The edible sculptures are a delicious way to welcome warmer temperatures and longer days!

30 Blooming Flower Cakes for an Artfully Delicious Way to Welcome Spring

If you've wanted a dark colored desert that fits your black heart, you might want to check out this insane goth waffle cone soft serve ice cream.

yummy! these things are awesome!!!

Imagem de ice cream, blue, and food

Who doesn't want blue ice cream?

Love the colored soft serve!

Mmm... dual flavor ice creams swirled just right.

dual flavor ice creams swirled just right.

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Thin ice cream cones yummy and beautiful

on a stick

The Kitchen McCabe shares her Banana Split Pudding Pops recipe perfect for birthdays or holiday parties!

I want one!!!

Soft serve ice cream cones from Seoul, Korea. I want one!

I love ice cream. Pretty much any flavor. This picture is just a representation to let you know how much I really, really love ice cream.

"soft Serve" Vanilla Ice Cream

the perfect swirl cone just for you

Meus Deus !!!

Tokudai Soft Cream (Soft serve ice cream) in the basement of the mall Nakano Broadway in Tokyo

Summer ice cream.

Oh my goodness! I have not had one of these this Summer. I used to get the one dipped in chocolate. As soon as the chocolate hit the ice cream it hardens into cool Summer goodness.

earl grey ice cream, different than anything you'd find otherwise. And no, not all ice-cream has to be typical vanilla or strawberry. Gray ice cream IS a thing and you don't have to fit in!

Ice cream