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This is the coolest mobile home ever built... Wait until you see how awesome it looks inside!

This Victorian house on wheels brings new meaning to "mobile home"

self-propelled Victorian house called “Neverwas Haul” was built by a couple from California. It is constructed on the base of a wheel travel trailer and its rooms are crammed with all sorts of oddities including a camera obscura projector.

The Jagiellonian Clock, incorporating the Jagiellonian Globe, c.1510. The Globe…

Jagiellonian Clock incorporating the Jagiellonian Globe - 1510


Steampunk Tendencies 59 KMZ steampunk bike at Hot Rod & Rock Show — with María José Mansilla Valenzuela.

Lovely, tiny living worlds: 18 amazing terrarium ideas

Lovely, tiny living worlds: 18 amazing terrarium ideas

Professor Alexander’s Botanical Vasculum – Steamed 300 watt Moss Terrarium from Etsy seller SteamedGlass is a beautiful blown-glass steampunk Rube Goldberg terrarium: “This is the…


The artist is Eric Freitas … clock maker, tattoo designer, painter-artist. Very talented young man (Would make an epic tattoo!

Outstandingly awesome

Custom built Les Paul Steampunk Gibson guitar, This would be an awesome idea for a Guitar Controller Mod.

Dump A Day Random Pictures Of The Day - 69 Pics

The Neverwas Haul is the Victorian Mobile Home That Never Was. It's a cross between a THW and a Castle house. How freaking cool!

YA Steampunk contraption? No, a Edison Bi-Polar Electric Fan ca. 1892-1894

*FAN ~ Early Edison bipolar 6 wing Circa 1892 - what a stunning antique electric fan!