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DKW Munga was a DKW-branded off-road vehicle built by Auto-Union used by the British Army. The Royal Military Police on patrol seen here in Berlin 1962.

TR A Royal Military Policeman stops to make notes whilst on patrol in a jeep in the British Sector.

'55 Transantarctic Expedition Vehicle

Strange Historic Photos From Antarctica and Other Kingdoms of Ice-A Tucker Sno-Cat balanced precariously over a crevice, during the Trans-Antarctic Expedition,

“2015 Terradyne Armored Vehicles GURKHA Civilian Edition  Power: 300 hp / 224 kW Weight: 13,500 lbs / 6123 kg Engine: Front V8  Shared via @luxuper app,…”

Terradyne Armored Vehicles GURKHA Civilian Edition Power: 300 hp / 224 kW Weight: lbs / 6123 kg Engine: Front Shared via app,…”

The Knight XV is built with integral armor, including windows made from ballistic glass and a body crafted from a combination of high strength steel, aluminum, and composite materials.    Other fun options include a Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) night-vision camera, electrostatic window tinting, and a ballistic run-flat tire system, in case your daily commute includes run-ins with Bane and the League of Shadows.

The most extreme cars you’ve never heard of

New Cars 2012 Conquest Knight XV standard features currently embody a newly redesigned interior and cockpit, front and rear business grade air ride suspension, front power windows, and roof mounted, joystick-controlled searchlights.

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What color would you order for your Terradyne Armored Vehicles RPV Civilian Edition build?

This is the Blue Chevy truck from Season 1 of Walker, Texas Ranger. Later seasons were much better once the Dodge Ram became Walker's main vehicle.

1920 Indian Scout Replica Where It’s From: The World’s Fastest Indian film Claim to Fame:The Indian Scout motorcycle [modified for the movie with a Ducati engine] is not a car but still .


I got my first car when I was represented freedom, and I loved it. The call of open roads, blue skies and the sound of exhaust reverberating off the mountains still beckons.

Pit-bull VX SWAT de Alpine, para que no te de miedo transitar por la colonia Doctores en la Ciudad de México ;)

Got Nosy Neighbors/Annoying Ex's? (just fill in the blank) Park this thing at their front door and play Knock-Knock Who's There.

Bad ass suv

Aton Impulse amphibious an extreme Russian offroader and a real doomsday survival vehicle. It comes with a jet-propulsion system that allows it to go up to in water. Note the central driving position. I need this for my daily commute.

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Ultimate Adventure Vehicle by Sportsmobile Would love to have one of these for a bugout vehicle.