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35 Teeny Tattoos That'll Make You Want To Immediately Get Inked

Old people answer the annoying question about tattoos, "what happens when you get old?"

Badass :D

Old people with tattoos really are badass. My mom is gonna be one of those badass old ladies with a tattoo.

full sleeve | Tumblr

Beautiful and feminine sleeve. Live the traditional style and use of colour here. Makeup and jewellery, what an interesting concept for a sleeve!

Colorful beads ..... Derma-peircing. Would incorporate with native sleeve,,,, hummmm :)

Beautiful dream catcher tattoo i want this sooooooooooooooo bad lol - so pretty

http://www.cuerpoyarte.com/3965/tatuajes-del-dia-de-los-muertos  Realism, fade, and detail.

An incredible tattoo by Alex de Pase of a pretty girl wearing sugar skull face paint for the Mexican Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) celebration.

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Sugar skull tattoo made of flowers - I think this is very lovely and beautiful. Something different from the usual sugar skull tattoos

Alice in Wonderland tattoo

Look at this Alice in Wonderland tattoo. Click photo to enlarge. For many more wild tattoos taken from children's books go to Flavorwi.

The Top Tattoo Designs Of 2013 According To Pinterest: The Thigh Quote

The Top Tattoo Designs Of 2013 According To Pinterest

Like the idea of front thigh tattoo pair with quote.“You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground. I’ll be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds.” Done by Ryan Bray at Ivory Tower Tattoo in Statesboro, GA.

Sugar skull foot tattoo

55 Attractive Foot Tattoo Designs

mexicain cråne

sugar skull tattoo - cool but too big. Could be easily altered to sunglasses and instead of the flower I would have the skull filled in like the rest and a bow added

40 Bloodcurdling Day of the Dead Tattoos

40 Bloodcurdling Day of the Dead Tattoos

44 Day of the Dead Tattoos Gallery! Day of the Dead Tattoos are originating from a holiday (Dia de los Muertos) that falls at the end of October, overlapping with Halloween, and ends on.