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The other day I thought I saw our Irish Wolfhound walking towards me in our family room....he looked a lot like the one on the right.

Okay, if I didn& love Airedales and Welsh Terriers so much, I& insist on having a couple of Irish Wolfhounds around. Such beautiful, gentle dogs.

Dog Breed of the Week: Irish Wolfhound | PawPost  Gentle giants make perfect family pet. Great with children.

These scruffy-looking dogs may be one of the biggest breeds in the world, but don't let their appearance intimidate you! Despite their beginnings as a war dog for the Celts, modern Wolfhounds are as tall as

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"Irish Wolfhound *Mac* at the kitchen door." ---- [Photo by rob.brob - June 21 when i get one of these bad boys, i'm going to call him galahad!

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Irish Wolfhound & Donkey From tallest to heaviest, these are the biggest breeds of dog found around the globe.

Irish wolfhounds will forever be my favorite.

So a picture of an Irish Wolfhound pack has nothing to do with Sherlock, but it does remind me that if I were to get a dog, I'd get a giant hound and name him Baskerville.