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Consegue ver a coruja?

15 photos qui prouvent que les hiboux sont les maîtres ultimes du camouflage

animais invisiveis 14

Duvido que você encontre todos os animais destas fotos

Nighthawk camouflaged amongst rocks - eastern Washington

animais invisiveis 10

Duvido que você encontre todos os animais destas fotos

FIND THE KLIPSPRINGERS: As a wildlife photographer, Art Wolfe of course takes pictures of animals. He finds and captures scenes that include animals so at home in their environment that you can hardly tell they’re there…

owl camuflage

Stunning Examples of Owl Camouflage

15 camouflaged owls — Beautiful birds blending in to their environments

Wisdom, intuition and psychic abilities are the traits given to owls. Mysterious, silent flier.

Photo ultimate aviator par Kevin Livingood on


Consegue ver a coruja?

When owls hunt, they use their silent wings and the cover of night to capture their prey. During the day, however, they have tremendously successful camouflage

floresta Amazónia

Os Belos Sons e Incríveis Paisagens da Floresta Amazônica

How Sloths Hang Upside Down Without Getting Tired

Masters of Disguise – Camouflaged Animals | Amazing Things - Part 2

Masters of Disguise – Camouflaged ~ Potoo Bird ~

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Sometimes I'm blown away by the awesomeness of nature. In this set by photographer Art Wolfe, it's really difficult to spot camouflaged animals in their na

As belezas da Amazônia e seu ecossistema

Natureza: Eu amei ver essas fotos da floresta Amazônica...

Ciganas - These birds are called "Cigana" (gypsy) by the locals, the scientific name is Opisthocomus hoazin - Guajará-Mirim, Rondônia, Brazil,

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The potoo bird

Camouflage, Camo, Military Camouflage, Concealer

Não Mesmo - Não Mesmo

Flyboy unclear situation— dance, Owl of wisdom post


Amazing examples of owl camouflage. Amazing examples of owl camouflage.

Owls cannot only sneak up on their prey very quietly, but they can also hide very well. These nocturnal creatures have evolved to blend in with their surroundings to avoid predators. Here are some excellent examples of owl camouflage.