Draco, Astoria and Scorpius Malfoy

monkeyelbow: “Few days ago I saw a picture of Draco Malfoy from the movie Epilogue, I always thought that all the characters looked as a old people not as a parents, Draco in particular looks really awfull compared to How Lucius looks at similar age.

Angelina, Katie and Alicia

some of my favorites in the harry potter’s books = v =

the marauders

ickle Marauders AKA “Pretty Boy”, “Specs”, “Bucktoothed Mophead” and “Band-Aid”.

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The golden trio, yeah. I wonder why do I never can draw Harry and be satisfied I am in love with Ron though. INLOVEINLOVEINLOVE On the run

Serum, Hermione, Harry Potter, Dibujo