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ma friend

Gigantes en ilustraciones... pasa y sentite diminuto...

But already the oldest living things had arisen: in the seas the great weeds, and on earth the shadow of great trees, and in the valleys of the night-clad hills there were dark creatures old and strong.and the slumbering woods were haunted by monsters a

victoriousvocabulary: “ INGANNATION [noun] deception; the act of causing to believe what is not true; mislead. Etymology: Middle English, from Vulgar Latin ingannāre, ”to deceive, to cheat, to betray, to beguile”. [Pete Mohrbacher - Sathariel, Angel...

quarkmaster: “ Sathariel, Angel of Deception Peter Mohrbacher ” Featured on Cyrail: Inspiring artworks that make your day better



Matin Bergstrom

My Army has many surprises but they don't come by easy , venture inside ,I'm sure then you'll See~

ArtStation - Swamp Ambush, Greg Rutkowski

A journey of a Century Knight bringing balance back to the force, opening his heart to compassion and awakening spirit in the wasteland.