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Amiens Cathedral

Amiens Cathedral is a famous work of Classical French cathedral architecture built early in the century and in 1981

Interior of the Santa María de León Cathedral, León, Spain

Catedral de León, Spain - One of the largest collections of medieval stained glass in the world.

Amiens Cathedral Glass

Amiens Cathedral Built in the biggest cathedral in France has a height of 350 feet, and the largest interior of any medieval cathedral in Western Europe.

File:Seville Cathedral (6931811902).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Visiting one of these cathedrals invokes awe and transports you to another time and place, connecting you with thousands of lives from the past.

Inside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Top 15 Largest Cathedrals in the World

4th Grade Core Knowledge  Chartres-stained-glass-windows-12.jpg (1000×629)

Our Lady of Chartres Cathedral, Chartres, France. Stained glass windows and vaulting of the nave as seen from below.

Chartres Cathedral, France - Gothic - famous for its magnificent stained glass windows - (One of National Geographic's World's 10 Best Cathedrals)

The devil is in the detail but maths in the construction of Chatres Cathedral is heavenly. It appeals to my sense of order.

Amiens Cathedral, French High Gothic. One of their goals was to replace sheer mass with intricately framed voids - Gardner's Art Throughout the Ages

Cathédral Notre-Dame d'Amiens (Cathedral of Our Lady of Amiens) better known as Amiens Cathedral, Amiens, France. It is the tallest complete cathedral in France.

샤르트르 대성당(1194~1260)  고딕구조의 완성 :4분볼트 정착,싱글베이,다발기둥이 지면까지(필리에 칸토네), 플라잉버트레스의 정착, 네이브월 3단구성 정착-천정 높아짐

Chartres Cathedral is beautiful, majestic, has amazing flying buttresses and the guided tour is very interesting.