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That's why ya don't drink Fireball around your best friends or a group that has grown too large for your comfort level ;)

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Haha now that I'm older my mom tells me: how did I not know you were this funny?" OR "when did you become so funny?" Thanks mom I have always been hilarious.

I had a dream about an ugly, crazy woman trying to kidnap me... heh heh... I'm scared now...

Very true because your brain does not have the ability to create faces in dreams so even though you may not recognize the person you saw in your dream you have seen that person at some point in your life.

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Loss triggers love

For once, I want to meet the man who loves & appreciates me when we are together. It’s too common that they are way too interested when I become evasive due to their lack of attentiveness.

Suburban Men - Happy Hour (28 Photos) - June 29, 2015

Happy Hour (28 Photos)

 For all my physical therapist friends.  Horrible but so funny.

Physical Therapy humor - just a gentle nudge haha Forghani Forghani Smith this made me laugh!

and this is how i feel today, not even sad. Just randomly bursting into tears. It is annoying.

This funny portrait of a woman was taken while she was mid-sneeze. ~ and other intriguing old photos