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Mirror Ball Container  Keiichi Ito, 1970

mirror ball container by keiichi ito


My Mama had one of these in our bathroom growing up in the all had our own color coded water pik. I have spoiled my teeth since then.

The Toot-a-Loop carry radio, 1972

Mine was red! National Panasonic "Toot-a-Loop" radio model S, 1972 was designed to be worn around the wrist like a bracelet or carried like a purse. Photo by gerson lessa. Mine was red!

Tan M&M's! You were the dark brown M&M's' wan little brother, but I miss you :( BLUE M&M's are an abomination!

35 Things From Your Childhood That Are Extinct Now

Tan M&M's: Gone since 1995 and replaced by those TRASH blue ones. [ 35 Foods From Your Childhood That Are Extinct Now]

wow, I had this bottle from Avon when I was little...I did too...

Wow, I had this bottle from Avon when I was little. It sat on my dresser.

diet candy from 70 s called Ayds  My mom had these.  I can remember sneaking in the cabinet and eating them.  : )

AYDS: appetite-suppressant candy (popular in the and my mother took these and hid them in her dresser drawer so we wouldn't eat them

Remember SRA's?  (from Bing images)

SRA reading Mastery was a reading program developed in stands for Science Research Associates. A type of coding was used to help kids understand the rules of reading. We worked independently and by our own reading levels. I loved it.

All the rage! I had an ID braclet. Wore a couple boys as well. ♡

Speidel ID Bracelets - the ultimate high school boyfriend-girlfriend gift

Many happy childhood hours spent playing monopoly.  We would keep a game going for days.

Monopoly was another fun childhood board game.

Google Image Result for http://www.petpeoplesplace.com/petstore/pet-image-large/vintage-1960s-avon-lipstick-holder-and-mirror_150653847214.jpg

Vintage Avon Lipstick Holder and Mirror I had this! The lip gloss had a funky smell and tasted like waxy strawberry.

Retro Dishes Green Textured Vintage 1970s Juice Drinking Glasses Set of 2

Retro Dishes Green Textured Vintage 1970s Juice Drinking Glasses Set of 2

Retro Dishes Green Textured Vintage Juice Drinking Glasses Set of We had them in green and gold

I had one of these . . .  might need to get one now!  prev:  The Best 70s and 80s Toys

spirograph, toys My mom had this set and let me use it when I was a kid. I thought it was the most awesome thing ever and could play with it for hours!

LoveTheSeventies: Coty Sweet Earth Solid Fragrance Compact I had this one ~Frankincense, Myrrh, and Misteltoe

Coty Sweet Earth Solid Fragrance Compact loved these!

The legs in Eggs

L'eggs Display & We kept and collected those shiny plastic egg shaped packages. I loved the L'eggs hose.

Pencil cases from the 60's

Vintage back-to-school supply a pencil shaped pencil case.I guess so I wouldn't forget where my input my pencils!

One- piece gym uniforms. Wore these up until high school, I believe. I wore one up thru high school..graduated 1978...it was as ugly and unappealing as the first one I put on in junior high~

I remember the ugly gym suits we had to wear in gym class. They snapped up the front. During the & in Jr. High and High School. Royal blue in Jr. High & White in High School. The white ones were so hard to keep clean.