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'Polar Bear Mother and Cub' - photo by Howard Ruby, via Pixdaus . I have a secret.

Bears with teddy bears. It never gets old.

Funny pictures about Baby polar bear vs. Oh, and cool pics about Baby polar bear vs. Also, Baby polar bear vs.

Quit goofing around!!!

Polar bears around an ice hole, like petals around a rose. The game is in the name, and the name is in the game. How many polar bears do you see? Just saying, I'm an official polar bear member, officiated by miss Hannah Guyer if I recall.

bear bellies! Newborn polar bear twins born in Oct 2011...

Twice as cute: Newborn polar bear twins snuggle up paw to paw

looks like lil puppies. Prepare yourself for Extreme Cuteness - Twin Baby Polar Bears. Little Tongues!

Bad Boys of the Arctic

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Family feelings

creatures-alive: (via / Little polar bear cub playing with his mom by Sergey Skleznev)

♡ you Momma

Baby polar bear snuggles up with mama at the Bronx Zoo

Meet and Greet!

Meet and Greet!


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