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exactly!!!!! HEY GOP did you hear this!!!! OH that's right you don't care about the poor!!!

"Helping out rich people was a theory that we tried, it did not help anybody else except rich people" - Rachel Maddow (is awesome)

Bill Maher on Rick Santorum. #Obamacare

Doesn't Rick Santorum make the greatest argument ever for Obamacare?

Only in America is there an entire class of people called the "Working Poor." Shameful!!

Only in America is there an entire class of people called the "Working Poor" and they voted for a Wealthy, Crooked Tax Evader because he told them he's their savior!

Awesome Veterans’ Day memorial…how is this even possible on the same day at the same time?

Funny pictures about Awesome Veterans' Day memorial. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome Veterans' Day memorial. Also, Awesome Veterans' Day memorial.

Donald Trump

Back when he was a Democrat, Donald Trump interview with People Magazine in 1998 says if he were to run, he'd run as a Republican because they are the dumbest group of voters.

Truth be told...

Corporations making billions pay starvation wages and bribe republican congress with campaign funds to keep it that way.

Did our nations wars make you feel safer? Did the war on Iraq end terrorism? Did our show of power make us all safe by scaring the world? Or did it create alot more enemies some even in our own nation? We all know the answers to these. With each war America becomes less safe with each war we create more enemies while weakening our own nation.  It's time we stopped writing blank checks for murder while being cheap when it comes to saving lives. What's the price of a life to you? Feel free to…

Acerbic Politics: Bernie Sanders - a very smart, empathetic Senator

6,100 Likes, 230 Comments - Maria Shriver (@mariashriver) on Instagram: “Proud of my cousin @repkennedy. Showing he cares and fighting for what he cares about. I stand with…”

“There is no mercy in a system that makes health care a luxury” Congressman Joe Kennedy III

Another reason "They" aka Teapublicans Hate President Obama besides his Race is, he tells the Truth about The Greedy in this country. Our President is about Equality across the board..."They" are strictly about GREED and HATRED!!

"I reject the idea that asking a hedge fund manager to pay the same tax rate as a teacher or plumber is class warfare. This is not class warfare.

I wish we had 287 more in congress just like him......

Bernie Sanders refuses to be bought out. He has kept that mantra his entire career in politic and I respect that above all!

Wendy Davis and her 11-hour filibuster

Why not be Wendy Davis for Halloween? Wendy Davis, the inspirational Texas state senator and candidate for governor