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“'Puggy Highrise & Thumbelina got the Penthouse' ❤️ & to win my Monthly Giveaway ⭐️

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Paper Pugs--a peek inside "Paper Pups" by Hiroshi Hayakawa

This Adorable Food Blog Combines Recipes And Begging Pugs

Life is nothing without wet kisses, wrinkly faces, a little dog hair, and paw prints on the floor and in your heart. :) <3

My life is empty without my Doodle Bug. I miss him terrible. Thanks for making my heart bigger little buddy.

With the economy and housing market still in recovery mode, a lot of animals who are in their golden years are finding their way into shelters due to a shrinking family budget or sudden housing change. But don’t let the old adage, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” put you off from adopting a senior dog. They need just as much love as young pups!

Adorable black pug going grey - this is going to be my Clancy Pantsy over the next couple go years - getting old :(

tuff  dawg

Credit: Phillip Lauer / Barcroft Media/Phillip Lauer / Barcroft Media Roxy dressed as a rock diva