Make a skirt out of an old men's dress shirt.  AWESOME.

Ruffles and Roses: Summer of Skirts - Men's Dress Shirt Refashion Tutorial. With ideas like this I might be able to make use of those mens shirts, in the Op Shops that I love the fabric of!

Redfly Creations: Woman's Skirt from a Man's Dress Shirt. I love this idea! I see lots of mens shirts at the thrift stores with nice patterns and fabrics.

Make a Skirt from a Dress Shirt! This is an easy sewing tutorial. Good way to use shirts with stained collars or that are the wrong size

Feeling Thrifty? 21 Terrific Ways To Re-Purpose A Men's Shirt! #sew

DIY Re-purposed Men's Shirts

jltfk: How to tailor a shirt (Refashion a men's shirt to fit a woman) great instructions

jltfk: How to tailor a shirt (Refashion a men's shirt to fit a woman) Also includes instructions to tailor a man's shirt to make it smaller for a MAN.

C: Sew & Tell. Refashions

DIY: skirt from a men's dress shirt This would be cuter as a pencil skirt with the buttons going up the back. Especially if you used a nicer dress shirt with a little bit of silkiness to it.

DIY Skirt, this is adorable. I probably already have it pinned somewhere.

DIY Skirt, this is adorable. love this skirt! but i want someone else to make it for me because im not that great with the sewing machine

The Worlds Easiest Skirt by What Would a Nerd Wear

DIY elastic waist skirt from What Would a Nerd Wear. Definitely need more colorful skirts, hoping to make them instead of buying.

a great men's shirt makeover into a skirt. This is very doable with the right shirt. Tutorials, photos, suggestions at the link.  I would follow most of the instructions, but would leave the bottom open a few inches for walking ease, and interface the waist.

DIY T Shirt Pencil Skirt Day 26 - Intersing DIY T Shirt Skirt tutorial with step by step how to remodel men& shirt. Different DIY T Shirt Project each day.

Dyed jeans - EASY and cheap! Love this tutorial, I've made jeans in several colors now and I love them all!

Style for a Song: DIY Mint Jeans

PRETTY PROVIDENCE: Style for a Song: DIY Mint Jeans! Buy a pair of white jeans (skinny preferred) but cheapest if they at least fit in waist. Put skinny jeans on top and sew a line straight up the side. Dye in tulip- green vert dye

Renueva tu ropa! Asi de facil... DIY - Taringa!

Renueva tu ropa! Asi de facil... DIY

Diy Dress Shirt Skirt

Diy Dress Shirt Skirt

Dress shirt skirt OR Cut out the neck of a tshirt/sweater (unless you're a skinny-mini), pull it up like a skirt and tie the arms of the sweatshirt in the front. T-shirt sew, or don't sew short sleeves and tuck in to use as pockets.

Pearls. On a skirt, Zara obsession of the year number 2.

DIY ideas: Embroidered skirt with pearls from Zara. I have this in black from Nordstrom Savvy!

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Black lace top, green pleated midi skirt, forest green belt, black heels, need all the pieces