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Ballet pose study (plus one random hand that looked kinda nice so it got stuck up there in the corner) Feel free to use for pose references if you wish, I just did an image search for “ballet poses”.

Laying down drawing poses.

This should be a helpful reference: Sleeping Figures in Different Positions.

The Mouth analysis and structure - Figure Drawing - Martel Fashion

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pose study / legs and foots by on DeviantArt female legs feet pose reference standing sitting tiptoe crossed

Illustration showing how to draw fabric folds and drape. Drawing folds and wrinkles in fabric is hard - this image shows how do it right.




sketched these in response to a request for some couples poses. Sorry for the bad anatomy -but ya .

How to draw feet

charlattea: rosalarian: kastiakbc: this is probably posted here already, but it is pretty much the most helpful thing ever so i’m gonna post it, too. PRAISE THE LAWD, I’VE NEEDED THIS SO BAD Feet are so hard, you guys. I still don’t understand feet

Aurélien Bouillon: jamie's got tentacles ! Studio : Samka Production

Aurélien Bouillon: jamie's got tentacles ! Studio : Samka Production