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The Simplicity of Learning: The Hundred Languages Poem ≈≈

The Hundred Languages Poem: by Loris Malaguzzi Founder of the Reggio Emilia Approach ~The Simplicity of Learning:

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The Journey to Reggio Inspired Practice: Making Your Own Road

By: Diane Kashin, Ed.D, RECE. It is heartening to see that there is much interest in the Reggio Emilia Approach and a genuine desire expressed by many to begin the process of becoming Reggio inspir.

Reggio Emilia: Book download "Art and Creativity in Reggio Emilia" - to read >>> Scopri le Offerte!

The Paperback of the Art and Creativity in Reggio Emilia: Exploring the Role and Potential of Ateliers in Early Childhood Education by Vea Vecchi at Barnes

Educators role in the Reggio Emilia approach.

The Adults Role. I love point 2 - to provoke qualities within the children. And point 3 - to use a pedagogy of listening to take the children's ideas and return them for further exploration - love the reciprocity of education.


Pedagogical Documentation: Why? When? Who? What? Where? How?

"A child doesn't learn the colours by staying inside the lines. but by having the time and possibility to try them out" - Angelique Felix teaches English Second Language to Italian toddlers and preschoolers inspired by the Reggio Emilia method.

Documentation: Transforming Our Perspective on Vimeo

This short documentary--created as an introduction to the Documentation Studio at Wheelock College--is a conversation with several leaders of Reggio Children and…