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Robert Bateman, Defensive Stand. Based on one of the Siberians at the International Crane Foundation. He is not preening, he is in a "sabre threat pose". If you don’t get the hint, his next step is to jump you and either spear you with his beak or rake you with his claws.
Tirages d'art de la faune ainsi que des peintures originales avec une large sélection de ArtBarbarians.com situé dans le Minnesota.
Always loved this by Robert Bateman. I wonder why.
Artist/Naturalist ROBERT BATEMAN (Canadian: 1930) | Painting Kittiwake Greeting
Wildlife art by Robert Bateman. 20" x 30"
Artist/Naturalist ROBERT BATEMAN (Canadian: 1930) | Painting... Black Eagle
Lynx Medicine: Silence
Robert Bateman (Canadian, b. 1930).
Chouette c'est un hibou
Robert Bateman (b. 24 May 1930 in Toronto ON) is a Canadian naturalist and one of the best wildlife artists in the world.