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I would choose something different for the bottom, but I LOVE the whole top. Almost looks like what I wore last Halloween. I think that's why I love it so much, cause I can just let my inner style & creativity shin thru.

The tophat puts a twist on the whole thing; it changes the aesthetic from romantigoth to steampunk-dyed-black.

Victorian boots with buttons  For the BEST Neo Victorian Steampunk looks follow our board -> http://www.pinterest.com/vglondon/neo-victorian-love/

Be very impressed with the steampunk couture these brides pull off

I'm fascinated by #steampunk & neo-Victorian style... satisfies my desire to be girly, strong, dramatic, & geeky.

Lace Jacket Victorian Steampunk Flare

Lace Jacket Victorian Steampunk Flare - I'm fascinated by & neo-Victorian style. satisfies my desire to be girly, strong, dramatic, & geeky.

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Goth culture takes a lot of cues from the Victorian Era, when big dresses and big, elegant hair were in fashion. Here at Gothic.Life we love Victorian Goth! Some of our favorite authors, like Edgar Allan Poe (Masque of the Red …

#True Steampunk neo Victorian #Goth girl

gothic steampunk costume fashion style inspiration “Carnival Of Venice”—against this backdrop, Robin's beautiful ancestor Martiya fought to forge her own destiny in Stone of Thieves, only to become intoxicated by power