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The Chanticleer Faberge Egg for the Kelch family in 1904.  The clock has a special surprise inside, the rooster automaton that crows the hour.  It is made of gold, pearls, diamonds and silver.

” This egg is used the motif of the Imperial eggs “cuckoo.” Jewelry manufactured by the firm of Carl Faberge in

The Faberge "Yussopov  Watch" manufactured by imperial jeweler Carl Faberge in 1907. Belonged to Zinaida Yusupov. Now stored in the Fund of Edward Maurice, Switzerland.

eggs__""Yussoupov Egg (or Sandoz Youssoupov Egg) 1907 Date Egg-hours. Known under the name — “Watch Yusupov.” Belonged to Zinaida Yusupova. Now stored in the Fund and Edward Maurice Sindoza, Switzerland.

Ovo Fabergé Kelch "Chantecler Kelch", 1904

The Kelch Chanticleer Egg: 1904 Owner: The Link of Times Foundation, Russia

Fabergé Imperial Egg. Blue Serpent Clock Egg. Gold, vitreous enamel, diamonds. The date of creation is discussed: 1887 or 1895. The egg features a clock, the hour time is read by the point of the serpent's tongue.

Blue Serpent Clock Egg, Presented by Alexander III to Czarina Maria Fyodorovna. Kept in Prince Ranieri II of Monaco Collection.

(1) FABERGE eggs__(known as both) ""The Cockerel Egg or The Cukoo Clock Egg"" (1900) - Presented to Maria by her son, Nicholas II. Currently in the Viktor Vekselberg collection in Russia.

The Faberge Imperial "Cuckoo Egg (or Cockeral Egg)" clock. Gift from Nicholas II to his mother, empress Maria Fiodorovna on Easter.

Faberge Imperial Egg- The Cockerel-1900

Collection of free easter egg pictures supplemented with the history of coloring easter eggs. Coloring easter eggs in middle ages.

Faberge 'Kelch Chanticleer egg' on display at an exhibition in the Kremlin

The Chanticleer clock egg was made in 1903 for the wife of a wealthy industrialist. At the strike of an hour, a colourful cockerel emerges from the top of the egg, bobs its head, flaps its wings and crows the hour.

(1)FABERGE eggs__ Imperial ""Blue Serpent Egg, gift from Emperor Alexander III of Russia to his wife, 1887. The snake is fixed and functions as the hour indicator hand on the clock.

Faberge Egg 1895 - "Blue Serpent Clock Egg" This egg is owned by Prince Albert II of Monaco. It is a functioning clock.

Faberge' Caviar Server

Fabergé Caviar Server - A caviar server in lobed crystal with gilt-metal handles


wn Egg before 4 colors of gold (pink, yellow, green, very light green) and white gold (or platinum? 340 diamonds carats in total); Kept in Ottawa, Canada (private collection).

Faberge clock presented to Baron Edouard de Rothschild as an engagement gift by Peter Carl Faberge in 1902.

The Rothschild egg – jewelled, enameled decorated egg made under the supervision of the Russian jeweller Peter Carl Faberge in 1902 by the workshop of Michael Perchin, for Beatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild