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Airalin used Attract by RakkuGuy

"Attract" can be a very persuasive move that can benefit your Pokemon. If they wish to learn "Attract", let them do so at your own risk.

Appropriate Earth locations for pokemons at first... Then we go down..

Appropriate Earth locations for pokemons.

The Most Majestic Locations People Have Caught Pokémon Appropriate Earth locations for pokemons at first.==>Well that escalated quickly

poor gengar i know how you feel

poor gengar he was just trying to make the baby laugh. The fact that he is depressed over this in the last panel shows that this is important to him.

Airasmol Poke by RakkuGuy on DeviantArt

Been away for quite awhile now b/c of the move, but now I'm done and ready to start uploading again! Airalin and company are also moving!

Old Habits by RakkuGuy on DeviantArt

Airalin doesn't want to admit she's getting to big to ride around on Noir like he's her private ferry. ^^ See the newest Airalin comics a week early before they're uploaded to Dev.

I see just like in real life, the whites are at the top.

Oh Father

Oh Father

OH MY GOD THE FEELS. His mama died so a ditto turned into a charizard to take care of him until he could protect himself ; <--- Or Ditto is actually his dad, and his mom was the Charizard in the relationship