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Posed Infant Skeleton From a Frederik Ruysch Tableaux Recreation Seen at "Morbid Curiosity: The Richard Harris Collection" - On Display Through July 2012 at the Chicago Cultural Center

Peter Hujar - Palermo Catacombs

From Peter Hujar Archive, Peter Hujar, Palermo Catacombs (Cover: Portraits in Life and Death) Vintage gelatin silver print, 14 × 11 in

.Conjoined Siamese Fetal Skeletons, Made to order

Conjoined Twins Siamese Fetal Skeletons


Shrunken Head, Human Oddities, Dark Side, Horror, Cabinet, Cat, Beautiful, Supernatural, Macabre

Skeletons, Skulls

The physical manifestation of a lesser daemon, bound in a wooden cross.         Whatever you do, don't break the glass!

The Faustian cross The physical manifestation of a lesser daemon, bound in a wooden cross.

Blue Fugates of Troublesome Creek. An enzyme deficiency that runs in the family causes them to appear blue.

Argyria (ISV from Greek: ἄργυρος argyros silver + -ia) is a condition caused by improper exposure to chemical forms of the element silver, silver dust or silver The most dramatic symptom of argyria is that the skin becomes blue or bluish-grey colored

Child's skull showing teeth before baby teeth are lost. The other picture I posted was a model of a skull. This is an actual skull.

Creepy Skull With Two Sets Of Teeth

Child's skull with baby teeth and adult teeth, Hunterian Museum, London. Until I saw this, I never thought of what was going on in a skull of a child about to get their adult teeth.