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Hep b vaccine

Unless you're a prostitute or IV drug user your baby does not need the Hep B shot when they are born. The FDA safety level for aluminum exposure on a brand new baby is 20 micrograms. The Hep B vaccine alone contains 225 micrograms.

How To Legally Say ‘NO’ To All Vaccines – Dr. Sherri Tenpenny | The Refusers

"Vaccines are the backbone of the entire Pharmaceutical Industry. The vaccinated children become customers for LIFE!" (ingredients to avoid scary)

When will the masses realize that the media has never once proven that unvaccinated children are unhealthier than vaccinated kids? When a person spouts this illogical propaganda that not vaccinating your kid is letting them die, then where are the masses of parents screaming that their completely unvaccinated kid died from one of these diseases? Let the truth be told, if more and more parents are not vaccinating their children, it is because there is an obvious benefit to that.

When I asked for the vaccine inserts at lakeside they gave me children's hospital of Philadelphia inserts.


So yoy want to jear it from a doctor?Doctors explain clearly why vaccines are…

♥ Love only grows by sharing. FacebookTwitterGoogle+ Vaccination : The Hidden Truth Vaccination – The Hidden Truth (1998) is an eye opening documentary film featuring 15 people, including Dr. Viera Scheibner (a PhD researcher), five medical doctors, other researchers, and parents’ experiences which reveal what is really going on in relation to illness and vaccines. […]

Knowledge of Today: Vaccination Conspiracy. Keeping people sick for Big Pharma

Do your research

Aluminum in Vaccines and How it Causes Neurological Damage. Educate before you vaccinate!

Yay! Another MD encourages parents to NOT vaccinate their children.

Title IV-E Program offers free training to San Francisco Human Services Agency staff who work with youth in foster.

Forty-five years of registration statistics, pr...

Forty-five years of registration statistics, proving vaccination to be both useless and dangerous.

9 Questions That Stump Every Pro-Vaccine Advocate and Their Claims

9 Questions That Stump Every Pro-Vaccine Advocate and Their Claims. What better way to discuss vaccines with your health care provider.