Bar Nacional — Melbourne

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Temporary divider idea, could also work as grander front entrance The French Window_Restaurants_Hong Kong_by ABConcept_Modern_Feature Metal + Glass Dividers

Eve Restaurant Open Kitchen

Get to know Hansar Bangkok in the gallery, featuring professional photos but also guest impressions and social media shares.

Garden State Hotel Melbourne by Technē Architecture + Interior Design

Flinders Lane icon Garden State Hotel is reborn as an eclectic multi-space mecca for urban exploration...

The "restrained opulence" of historic banks and treasuries informed the interior of this coffee shop in Sydney, designed by Studio Tate.

Treasuries inspire State Tate's cafe for Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Inserted into the ground floor of the new Commonwealth Bank office building, Studio Tate has designed this cafe around the historic idea of a treasury.

Techne makes quirky use of low cost materials at Grill’d's new Melbourne restaurant | KNSTRCT

Techné Makes Creative Use of Cardboard Tubes at Grill’d's New Melbourne Eatery

The humble hamburger has been a scorching success in Melbourne and Grill’d have been at the forefront of the food revolution for over a decade. Techne Architecture + Interior Design has just unveiled a new-look restaurant for the burger brand.