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ArtStation - Cap, FOX 00 - This concept would make a good starting off point for exploring uniform ideas within SW. In particular this image makes me think of the Regency.

Made this character for post world games :

f Rogue Thief Royal Courier Captain urban Kathryn Hayard, Pedroxan General in direct opposition of the Anti-Republic movement. Directs three significant provinces in the eastern regions of Pedrox, including Wesl, Qevroc, and Dalgyt.

bioscans allow medical professionals to accurately diagnose conditions without ever even having seen their patients--although this is not recommended by most doctors.

I want to make Royal Manticoran Navy captain uniform for Sashenka; not to cosplay Honor or any other particular book character but just because white berets are so elegant and becoming. I start wit...

New project: RMN uniform

Royal Manticoran Navy uniform illustrations done for the Honorverse Companion. The officer’s uniform belongs to Honor Harrington herself and the enlisted uniform belongs to Aubrey Wanderman.

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