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Funny animal pictures of funny cats and dogs. Funny animal pictures with captions.

How to Set Yourself Up for the Perfect Nap -- Science of Us

Enfin vendredi! Bon week end! 2 jours de repos, chat va faire du bien :)

Anne No Fwd Pls M.: Protect Animals and End their Suffering,Make a difference anyway that I can

Family feelings

creatures-alive: (via / Little polar bear cub playing with his mom by Sergey Skleznev)

Oh How I Love To Go Up On The Swing....

Maxine enjoys our front porch swing, surprisingly! The yellow dust is "compliments" of our (male) deodor cedar tree . this time of year it covers everything with its yellow powder!


I have two cats, I can never figure out how to get them in this pose and take a picture.

I made it! . . . So what's my next move?

Cute kitten playing on a cat toy. I’m not sure we should be encouraging them to bat at danging balls, though.