Love that sass, he seriously should change his name to Martin "Made of Sass" Freeman

Martin Freeman<<<< what a cutie. but is it acceptable to make a gay joke out of the first question?<<< I was thinking the same thing!

27 Times The Sherlock Fandom Won Tumblr

All that effort gone to waste!

"And then he saw me behind her." Awwww they're adorable together! And the actress of Mary is very beautiful!!

Martin and Amanda on how they met. She is just as amazing as Martin is. Martin's expression when she says it, it's amazing!

Oh Benedict

"What can fans expect from the new series?" Benedict, the adorable troll

YOU ARE SO CRUEL << just look at him though! he thinks he is so hilarious and he can't even control himself enough to not laugh at his own joke

The King of Class and the King of Sass.

Martin Freeman (King of Class vs. King of Sass)

Martin Freeman

What makes me laugh is that the person laughing in the background is most likely Amanda Abbington

Martin Freeman is my favourite everything

Ah, this guy: Martin Freeman

And in their smiles. John's smile is honest and reassuring. Mycroft's smile is insincere and humorless. Sherlock's smile is come hither, honey, and let me tear your face off.

I think Martin would do that...

Sherlock falling flat on his face.

I am seriously so in love with Martin Freeman, it's not even funny.

Which Martin Freeman's Character Are You?

My favourite Martin Moment :)

They've talked about it?!? You mean its a legitimate possibility?!? Ohhhh myyy gosh

They've talked about it? You mean its a legitimate possibility? Ohhhh myyy gosh <-- I am going to keel over and die now! I could not watch that show if they did JohnLock and not fangirl squee and hyperventilate every two seconds!

That truly is ridiculous! Who`d ever say that?! I mean look at him, this is so obviously a hedgehog, and the cutest one ever :). (hahaha!!!)

That is the most ridiculous rumour I've ever heard: I once read somewhere that Martin was in fact a human and not a hedgehog. Bloody stupid rumor that was.

“Benedict Cumberbatch everybody. He certainly will get one ....someday!

Thilia Estel 🎻 on

“Dear you are always our BIG star💖⭐️🌟can't wait to watch Sherlock Special 🙈🐸”

This was the scene where I started to believe the "this is John's Mind Place" theory. Because as amazing as John really is THIS is how he sees himself.

I think he heard his internal monologue from someone else and realized it could be true.<< I realized almost immediately what Mycroft was doing and it was still heart wrenching

Martin looks so adorable!!!

Martin looks so adorable! ^^^ Methinks he doth protest too much.