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Turtle sandwich

Fun food for kids! Turtle sandwiches - you could make these with standard rolls too - the cucumber slices would make it work!

Découvrez 18 manières de préparer un sandwich.Des idées de sandwichs originaux, des sandwichs représentants n’importe quel objet ou animal.

Nice ideas to make your kid's lunch a highlight of the day / Schöne Ideen, wie…

55 Best Easter Pinterest Recipes and Treats

Easter Morning after collecting all those Eggs! -- Creative Food: Easter Bunny Lunch and over 20 Creative Easter Food and Craft Ideas!

Fun for kids

For lunch on a rainy day? Hot Dog Octopus and Seaweed. Used to make Hot dog octopuses for my kids and their friends a lot, but never thought of putting them on green noodles!

sandwhich crab :)

This crab can be transformed into a whole different creature! It's fun to play with your food!

La idea de la semana!!

6 aperitivos originales para niños

Looking for sandwich ideas for kids lunchbox? Then check out this creative collection of sandwich ideas of fun food art.

Wat een leuk idee.  Heerlijke paddestoeltjes om te eten.

If you want to emphasize on creative and interesting touch , then look at our easy and fun appetizers and snacks recipes. Every kids party needs a fun and

I know its for kids but I would totally make this, instagram it/celebrate it, and eat it!

splashy kids breakfast: sea turtle waffle (generally speaking, I do not make stuff like this. but maybe I could cut up a banana and slap on some raisins).

This is high-end playing with your food!

This is a silly thing to do with food

What a creative idea! This owl is all green fruit and vegetables. Some folks get so creative with these kind of things it's amazing. Making animals from food. This was beautifully put together. and

Crazy food presentation!

салаты оформление

Roses and baskets of ham, tomato tulips and other interesting goodies.

Food Art   #food_art #food art

Have fun with veggies to inspire your KIDS to eat them. Remember that veggies are the BEST foods for brain, cell and overall health.

Lapas - Cool Craft Hunting - Galerija - Jautri Lieldienu ēdieni - draugiem.lv

Fun Foods for Kids: Pasta Nest! Fun Foods for Kids: Pasta Nest! Great for birthday parties!

Fruit Owl for kids snack time.. very cute!

Healthy fresh fruit owl Fun food for kids Creative snack dessert idea +++ Buho…

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