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Family ~ This is how I feel about my Oscar <3 #DogQuotes

"Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity human ever has to choose a relative.

Pote fica 'abarrotado' de filhotes recém-nascidos (Foto: Reprodução)

Site reúne fotos de filhotes de cães colocados em xícaras

Funny pictures about A bowl of Boston Terriers. Oh, and cool pics about A bowl of Boston Terriers. Also, A bowl of Boston Terriers photos.


Patriotic Boston Terrier - first American breed to be recognized by the AKC

Oh yes I'll take sprinkles on top. I love sprinkles

Does not this sweet Boston have the biggest, brightest and bestest smile. But at the same time it reminds me of Jack Nicholson's smile as the Joker!

2015.5.3 GW満喫ちう~ 1時間運転してもまだ京都市内~ #bostonterrier#ボストンテリア

2015.5.3 GW満喫ちう~ 1時間運転してもまだ京都市内~ #bostonterrier#ボストンテリア

Pepe Le Pew in disguise

Skunk Halloween Costume of a Boston Terrier Dog! *****I HAVE this costume! In, fact, this could be my Boston, but mine won't quilt chasing the tail! So funny!