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Holmes' work desk from the RDJ "Sherlock Holmes" movies (in the currently touring Sherlock Holmes International Exhibition, which includes many props, set pieces and costumed from the Warner Bros SH movies).

The apartment in the new Sherlock Holmes movie living room

The apartment in the new Sherlock Holmes movie living room

Antique Curio Cabinets - Foter

"Fungi research receptacle: The Research case of one Lubomierz Pawlowski, Polish born Naturalist" Alex CF

Caiaphas' laboratory was impeccably organized to his own utility. No space was wasted, with shelves and tables of ingredients and elixirs elbowing for space with detailed diagrams of human and animal anatomy. In his dim domain he passed from hearth to worktable to the infirmary next door in quiet concentration, tearing his focus from the unraveling of the perfect universe that was the human body only when an unwelcome visitor dared show up complaining of a toothache or sprained toe.

Extras including podcasts, quizzes, GIFs, and more for Outlander, a STARZ Original Series.

Magnificent room!

C Gothic Revival--Olivier Foltzer / Galerie Maison (FR).Oh, I belong in a place like this to love and make a home.I sure hope the family who lives there appreciates that house.