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Food and Wine Pairing Method. See the theory of food and wine pairing in action with this easy to use chart. Then, understand the simple science behind food and wine pairing based on our basic sense of taste.

Bordeaux easier than you think. Certainly with a glass of M?dsac or Saint Pomerol at your side.

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Infographie: si vous aimez ce vin alors vous aimerez cette bière ! Infografic: if you like this wine, you will like this craft beer.

What Wine Goes With Which Cheese - Wine Tasting Pairings

Attention Hostess with the Mostess, if you are serving Wine Cheese at your next soiree, but not sure what wine goes with what cheese use this handy pairing guide.

[Infographie] La bière fait elle vraiment grossir ? La vraie réponse ! Est-ce que la bière est responsable du « bide » ? En aucun cas, si vous consommez raisonnablement. Un demi de bière c'est 106 kcal, soit 5% de l'apport calorique journalier. C'est aussi moins calorique qu'un soda et à peine un peu plus calorique qu'un verre de vin. Le message est passé. Diffusez-le au maximum si vous voulez casser les clichés !

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Riesling is my favorite white wine. I especially love Washington rieslings. It's a good beginner wine and an easy drinker. It's also one of the only sweet wines I enjoy.

I prefer white to red wine but if I go red, I go Merlot. The tannins bother me in many reds but for a treat now and then, I'll pour a glass of this!

Deepen your knowledge of the Bordeaux wines AOCs with our detailed map and the full list of Bordeaux appellations.

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Infography: Cabernet Sauvignon Vs Pinot Noir Wine Will always be a Pinot Noir girl💗💗💗🍷🍷🍷