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La confiance est la chose la plus sexy qu'une femme peut porter.

Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman AND a man could wear. Confidence attract attention and interest. Everyone wants to surround themselves with confidence people, so BE ONE!

Every women should have Confidence  :     Quotes and sayings

Every women should have Confidence : Quotes and sayings

Stop overthinking!! What's it achieving it's making you miserable and that's not going to help you hold on!!

Stop overthinking they say. I can't help it that I naturally sense things and know when something is not right. Can it be fixed if the wound continues to be ripped open? And the trust continues to be broken?

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Confidence is beautiful. No matter your size, no matter your weight. Be confident in who you are ane youll be BEAUTIFUL.

Sometimes you have to make a decision and then ask God if that is the right decision. He will let you know if you ask sincerely and listen for His answer.

"How will you know if it's the right decision if you never make it?" Life is about taking chances…learn and move forward.

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It's become increasingly clear to me that an extraordinary life doesn't come from massive financial wealth, climbing the corporate ladder, fancy titles, or 15 minutes of fame.

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It will be uncomfortable and you may think you're out of your mind at times, but the risk and the reward is worth it when you honor yourself.

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Forget the risk and take the fall, if it's what you want, then it's worth it all. I took the fall and fell so hard for you and trust me it was worth it. I want you to fall for me now.

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Expect Nothing and Appreciate Everything. Expectations lead to disappointments. Appreciation leads to happiness.


"some you haven't even met yet is wondering what it'd be like to know someone like you."---Remember this!

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Confidence is the ability to feel beautiful. - Confidence is the ability to feel beautiful, without needing someone to tell you.