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Explicit Content (2015)

The Language of TabooThis idea of what we consider taboo in todays society is based heavily on ones own opinion or beliefs, its just a matter of where you chose to draw the boundary which you are not willing to cross, I think It can be agreed that the m…

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Typography Mania Abduzeedo Design Inspiration I like this because it shows what someone can do with a font change and a simple shape to make it something totally different. This is inspiration because if I have a few words and I want them to stick

a swear word a day from www.beautifulswearwords.com

Beautiful Swear Words by Theo Olesen. worse than a half wit.

stunning hand drawn type + some awesome cuss words = beautifulswearwords.com some ace shots of his development too!

Love that the B is backwards - Beautiful swear words by Theo Olesen.