black-white-madness: Madness: Photographer: Alejandro Salinas Stylist: Alejandra Lersundi and Alejandro Salinas Designer: Alersundi Model: Maggie Astaburuaga Hair: Pako Gomez Makeup: Balbina de la Vega Hair Assistant: Candy White

The Metal Couture of Manuel Albarran The Last Goddess Magazine

Manuel Albarran Metal Couture - The Manuel Albarran 'Metal Couture' photo series is a very interesting set of work. It combines a Victorian feel, obscure metallic access.

Photographer:  Kenny McCracken  http://www.kennymccracken.com  Designer:  EatonNott

Designer Jess Eaton did an amazing woman clothes collection from feathers, furs and animals’ bones killed on roads or for food. His line “Roadkill C

I am a Warrior Princess, born regally amidst War. I will not stop fighting until my death.

Jean Shrimpton, as shot by David bailey

This is a really nice pose to show back detail. Love this vintage photograph - somehow it still looks modern and up to date even now! >> "Jean Shrimpton Photographed by David Bailey, Vogue,

Nastya Kumarova

The gorgeous Russian albino model, Nastya (Kiki) Zhidkova - *Kumarov is her photograph! Kumarova is NOT her last name!

Photography: Zhang Jingna. Makeup: Viktorija Bowers. Model: Lily Olsen-Ecker. Photo Assistant: Ngoc Vu

Photographer: Zhang Jingna (zemotion) Model: Lily Olsen-Ecker Makeup: Viktorija Bowers Photographer’s Assistant: Ngoc Vu Project: Motherland Chronicles

Colorful Paint drippings | Dani Lundquist

Graphic Makeup Beauty Images, Paint dripping Dani Lundquist model PhotoShoot by New York Beauty Photographer Jamie Nelson


Kara is another Guardian spell caster and a powerfully talented Illusionist. She can make you see what she wants you to (Aishwarya Rai as Mira in The Last Legion)