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Except we all know what ????? is now don't we

Fallen Humans [Edit] Ok! I just found out what the pink one was, fear. I think that it came from glitchtale, but I'm not entirely sure

No Frisk... But I guess you can't kiss someone who's only a voice in your head... (Chara, I'm talking​ about Chara)

I'm old enough, damn it Woman! by asianpie Sans x Frisk <<< I find it funny but it makes me feel uncomfortable. << I don't ship Sans x Frisk either but god dammit XD

I have never in my life hated a flower so much

I tried to play genocide route but I chickened out after like one minute it's just too sad and depressing

Sans and Toriel - comic - http://mod2amaryllis.tumblr.com/post/132920743022/someone-put-out-the-idea-that-sans-would-practice

This is freaking sweet. Sweet even though I kinda ship Sans with Frisk (Don't freaking ask why, I have no idea and I am scared of myself because of it) It's still sweet

undertale, sans, papyrus, frisk

I'm pretty sure Sans is older and Pap just got growth spurts so yeah but that last panel though!


Tags: Anime, Pixiv Id Undertale, Muffet, Empty Eyes, Spider Person…

DustTale Comic Pages 6 by Jesuka on DeviantArt

Dusttale is. It's good, but also sucks so dang bad. F this AU and all its emotional pain that it causes.

Sans date - http://spectrumtonic.tumblr.com/post/131738649901/ロ-why-you-do-this-sans-seriously-the:

Sans date. Sans senpai<<<More like Sans-pai xD *doges bone attacks and energy spears "damnit"*