Tea Ceremonies Around the World

Tea Ceremonies Around the World

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Japanese Tea Ceremony....I have all the stuff to try this....wonder when I'll get around to it

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Tea and wagashi

和菓子『花ごろも〜Uirou』 Ricecake confectioneries flavored with cherry. Rice cake with cherry blossom petals are just like Japanese kimono. Please enjoy them with greentea, tea, champagne and wine.

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Sweet Tea Zing Fragrance Oil by from Nature's Garden is a sweet iced tea wholesale aroma. This tea scent can be used for candlemaking and soapmaking.

The Japanese tea ceremony

Japanese tea ceremony Ai ki rituals Proper dojo etiquette Americanized nucular society Nature "Lost in Translation"

The History of Tea – Infographic on http://www.bestinfographic.co.uk

The History of Tea Infographic: Tea is important in many cultures and countries. Learn more about how it became a popular commodity and drink in many countries around the world.

There are so many different customs for teas around the world. Let's explore.

Teas Around the World: Cultures and Customs

There are so many different customs for teas around the world. Let's explore.

Making tea with puer tealeaves

Post-fermented Tea (dark tea)

If hot pink is India’s signature color, then the scent of chai might be its signature fragrance. Every block in every town has its own chai wallah who makes his proprietary version of chai, a black tea—usually Assam—slow-brewed with milk