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Souvenir d'un Noël des dockers!

Barbie Canopy Bed - I loved this, have it. of course as kid I wanted a canopy bed like it in real life

La famille Doucoeur: Noël 89

The Heart Family! Favorite barbie set ever . the Ken finally had arms that were bent at the elbows!

Twirly Curls Barbie...Too many hours spent curling her hair!

Twirly Curls Barbie - I had this exact Barbie, unfortunately I cut her hair which I always regretted ☹️

<3 Vintage 1981 Pink Pretty Barbie Doll No 3554 | 80's Stuff --- I had this Barbie Doll!!!

The Ancient History of Baby Dolls


Barbie Dream Furniture-HOURS of fun with my Barbie stuff when I was a kid!

I can still remember the song! "Oh poochie, oh poochie, Lovely lil poochie. Her ears are pink and her paws are too, everywhere you go she'll follow you" Or something like that!

Stationery was cool, but stationery with Poochie was clearly the coolest. I LOVED Poochie and I haven't heard or seen anything about her since my childhood.

My First Barbie from 1980

My Barbie- she was literally my I remember going to Kay Bee Toys at the mall and picking her out with my dad. She came with a bunch of clothes.

I remember this as one of my first Barbie Doll.  I wish I still had her!

Suntan Barbie - had LOTS of Barbies, but Malibu Barbie with her suntan was one of my favorites! loved this doll

Rollerblading Barbie...Another of The Few Barbies I Had & Actually Liked!

Barbie Rollerblade I remember these had a lighter starter so it looked like a spark in the skates and got recalled so it "wouldn't catch on fire" kids nowadays are to fragile they never will kno the danger of a Barbie skate

Barbie Dream Pool with working shower. I had this! I forgot about that. I loved that little sofa.

Barbie Dream Pool with working shower. Favorite toy ever! Used to play with this one all the time

Mrs Beasley(1967)! I still have my original one, and she still talks(very slowly)!  I was born in '68, this doll was actually my sister's that she did not play with and gave to me. About 8 yrs ago The Franklin Mint reissued her, and my father gifted both my sister and myself with one(still in box). via facebook Retro Milwaukee Share the Memories

Mrs Beasley - she was my best friend and favorite doll!