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"I.. Love... You... Peeta"~ Katniss Everdeen

Although the book isn't ABOUT a love triangle or even really a love story, this is so true.but i still ship Everlark.


Argh in the only one who sings that around me how i wished ny friends would join me how

Whoever made this... Damn you. Damn. You.

Cinna is the bravest person ever well besides like 5 other characters in the book.<< but if he said yes and was like a double agent then that means he could STILL BE ALIVE 😭😭😭😭😭

Lol. Sure just abandon the US/Paname. Thanks world. :P

But also I thought they said Panem was North America. Katniss said something about they used to call this land North America

lol cool

Me and my friend did the mockingjay whistle in the gym and I kid you not EVERYONE raised 3 fingers. <--hahaha<<< same thing happened in my science class

The Hunger Games <3

From the Hunger Games - Deep in the meadow, under the willow a bed of grass, a soft green pillow.

Yes! It might have been really disturbing, but it really showed how messed up the Capitol is. I really wish they'd put it in there.

Rat Race

Hunger Games Problems The movie was actually pretty accurate. As disappointed as this made me, if a bad representation of the mutts was the price for a good rest of the movie, I'm more than happy to pay it.