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I like the alignment of the text because it is central on the right hand side. I also like the inter character space of the title here the words arnt to close which makes the title look big bolder and longer.

Illustration and graphic design studio Violaine & Jeremy: Editorial design for the booklet La Villa Mediterranée  Editorial Design, layout, graphic design, dps, double page spread

Editorial Design Inspiration: La Villa Mediterranée by Violaine & Jeremy

Illustration and graphic design studio Violaine & Jeremy have created this booklet for La Villa Mediterranée, and I wanted to share it with you as it is filled with fanta

Magazine double page spread by Anthony Cruz. This caught my eye because the text wrapping around the image is appealing and makes the image stand out. The simple lightening bold across the page adds to a particular consistent colour theme.

I love the lightening bolt in the background and the drop cap font. I think the two touches of color (pink and blue) fit perfectly.


150+ Epic Examples Of Editorial Design

Florence Welch for Evening Standard magazine. Mosaic portrait of Florence & The machine leader Florence Welch for the Evening Standard Magazine. The article is about the people behind Florence's phenomenal artistic success.

Magazine Layout/Illustration

Great combination of a free flowing illustration with the more sleek and constrained typography and text layout. It allows the reader to appreciate and focus on the art while the text is easily readable and gives the eye a rest from the illustration.

Welcome to the Jungle annual guide. With advices, interviews and investigations for the young generation. We made the editorial design and Art direction. Cover by the talented Cruschiform & Gazhole.Special thanks to the illustrators Charlotte Pollet, An…

fantastic type and layout design by Erin Lancaster #graphicdesign #typography #layout http://www.erinlancaster.com/?utm_content=bufferbc8fa&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer#/magazine-layout

Erin Lancaster is a Freelance Animator and Graphic Designer, interested in solving business issues through the use of visual communication.

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