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Good reason to drink filtered tap water.

The Facts About Bottled Water [Infographic

Facts about bottled water. Choosing bottled water over tap water is one of the worse choices you can make for your health, for the environment and for your pocketbook. Don't like the taste of your tapwater? Use a filter.

10 Reasons To Drink Tap water. I love water refilling stations. Read my blog entry to find out more.

TapIt: why we should stop drinking bottled water - hah! I knew it!

The Global Water Crisis Infographic

The Global Water Crises Infographic

Ways to Save Water. #Eco Mindful Tips.

15 Ways to save water which saves money in your pocket and mother earth.

Why water is important

An infographic about the importance of conserving water

The Water Wager #Infographic #Environment #Water

The Water Wager #Infographic

The average American family uses hundreds of gallons of water each day. How much are you willing to give up by betting with water? Here we'll take a look at the true cost of neglecting water conservation.

Water Consumption - How much water do you really consume each day? This infographic will show you how much water it takes to produce the things we eat and drink.

Easy Homesteading: Water Consumption In Foods

Water Use and Misuse Infographic. where's the water going? How much water does…

Where's All The Water Going? [Infographic

Where’s All The Water Going? Add in everyday goods and services, and the water footprint can reach as high as 2000 gallons a day mostly to produce food.

Global Water Facts And Saving Tips : infographic

Global Water Facts And Saving Tips

Water saving infographic - shows many global water issues that currently exist.

Access to clean water reduces the likelihood of contracting a deadly waterborne disease.

WaTeR 💧 iS LiFe. 💦 ____Access to clean water reduces the likelihood of contracting a deadly waterborne disease.