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cybergata:  Handsome Little Boy by cjdc1189 on Flickr.

Prowling his own quiet backyard or asleep by the fire, he is still only a whisker away from the wilds.

This is my "I'm Hungry FEED ME, HUMAN!"  face.  Got the hint!?

This is my "I'm Hungry FEED ME, HUMAN! Got the hint! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

серый кот That's an absolutely regal and beautiful cat.

Wallpaper cat, grass, leaves, lie - Tap the link now to see all of our cool cat collections!

love those eyes and that face :)  This looks like  my kitty Stinky Boy

"To some she may look a common cat - but to me she is my friend, confidant and comfort.this applies to all my kitties.

kitten by Julia Gusterina

What a lovely Silver Gray muted Tabby. Her face is very relaxed as she gazes on the world around her. The simple joys of being a cat.

most beautiful cat ile ilgili görsel sonucu

The breed can be understood in a number of colours and are famous for their intelligence and gentle personalities. It is not uncommon for this breed to relish playing with water.

Gradin des chats !!

Gradin des chats !!

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This is exactly how my cat, Joey, head looks like. Except he has a big black stripe going down his back.

cuteness–overload: “That’s a cool kitty Source: http://bit.ly/2jnqFo3 ”

This is scrappy and he is really that colour Scrappy was born in 1997 as a black cat and only a few years ago he started turning white (maybe vitiligo) and has ended up with this extraordinary pattern - A very pretty kitty